peter lamb and the wolves

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The Moderate

Peter Lamb and the Wolves (trio) perform On the Sunny Side of the Street (1930) atop the RBC building. Raleigh, NC

Combine some of the brightest and most talented jazz musicians in the triangle, give them striking personality and a passion for enjoying the hell out of music and you've got Peter Lamb and the Wolves. Lamb is joined by"Baddass belter and keyboardist" Mark Wells, stand-up bass and bass saxophone player George Knott, Al Strong on trumpet and The Beast drummer Steven Koffman. The group's sound is a kaleidescope of rich musical backgrounds, strong cultural influence and each member's personal relationship with his musical abilities. We'll hear the group talk about what keeps them going, how they feel about their music and what being a musician means to them. We'll show you 14 minutes of why they're our favorite and since they're local to Raleigh, you'll have ample opportunities to hear them yourself.

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    • Alysse Miller
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    • Josh Bielick